Our Beliefs


There is one God who is revealed to man as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Bible

As originally given, the Bible is God-breathed; therefore, is our final authority for belief and practice.

The Lord Jesus Christ

The Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is fully God and fully sinless man, being conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. His death on the cross provided the once for all sacrifice for our sin so that we might be free from its guilt and penalty. On the third day, God raised Him bodily from the dead. After forty days, He ascended into Heaven, where He mediates between God and man. He will return for all who have trusted in Him for salvation and to establish his kingdom on earth.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit has been sent to glorify Christ. He gives new life and lives in every believer. He reveals God’s plans for us, helps us to understand scripture, gifts the various members of the Body of Christ, so that together we can build one another up. He also brings about an increasing likeness to Christ in us.

The Church

Everyone who becomes a Christian is baptized by the Holy Spirit into the Body of Christ – all God’s people, in all nations, from all time with Christ as the head – visibly represented by the local church. Every believer has direct access to God and has been gifted by the Holy Spirit for service.

The Gifts Of The Spirit

The “gifts of the Spirit” are various supernatural abilities given to believers. We do not believe any single gift is meant to be the initial evidence of the “filling or receiving of the Spirit.” God distributes “spiritual gifts” according to His will. We should also distinguish between the “filling of the Spirit” (which occurred both before and after Pentecost) and “baptism in the Spirit.” The “filling of the Spirit” is the temporary empowerment to accomplish a certain specific task.

(The Apostles were “filled with the Spirit” on several occasions). The “baptism in the Spirit” is synonymous with “receiving the Spirit”, and occurs when a repentant believer is saved.