Why 'Shoes Off'?

'Shoes Off' is a young adult community for those 18 to 29.  
The concept of 'Shoes Off' conveys three important values for our community.

You can come as you are. No 'mask' required.
You can relax. You are among friends. 
You are on holy ground. God is at work among us. 

We are today's young people. Life can be complicated and we all need a network of friends and colleagues among whom we can be ourselves.  There is often a lot we need to unpack. Career and study choices, relationships, money, dreams and, most importantly, our relationship with God. There is so much to consider and having a community in which we can connect, share, show and receive care, and get prayer makes a major difference! God grants us the grace, wisdom, peace, and enablement to face life's most challenging battles. So, let's do it together and become who God made us to be!

Take your shoes off. Tarry for a while.  Let's learn from Jesus and grow together.

Who we are

Get Connected. Go Deeper.

Are you a young adult 18-29 years old?  Then 'Shoes Off' is for you! Chelsie and Harry Allen  invite you to  connect with like-minded young adults every Tuesday  at the Crosby Church Café in the Fusion Center at our church's Crosby Campus on Highway 90.  Find the relationships you've been looking for in an atmosphere characterized by authentic faith, meaningful fellowship,  great food, and real fun.

No masks required. Come as you are.

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