Activate Student Ministry


Activate is the vision and design for the Student Ministry at Crosby Church. Its purpose is to help students and their families connect to their creator God, to Activate His Holy Spirit in their lives through Jesus, and to Activate His love towards others. We are not the ‘youth group’ you’re used to. WE ARE A YOUTH FAMILY. Connected. Focused. United.

Our ministry’s theme verse: For the word of God is alive and ACTIVE. (Hebrews 4:12, NIV)


Activate is a ministry dedicated to engaging students into a deep connection with the family of Christ through relevant, fun, creative methods to open their eyes and hearts to God’s love. Equipping students to know God’s Word, teaching ways to turn God up in their lives through worship, prayer, and HIS Word. Empowering students to take ownership of their generation and sending them out into the world to turn God up in people’s lives. Sharing the gospel throughout the world and leading the way to the future by the example of Christ.


  • To engage students to find the hope of Christ
  • To equip students to find the truth of Christ
  • To empower students to share the love of Christ


Redirecting our students to Christ with the use of effective and intentional programs in which they learn basic and deep biblical truths.

Building a discipleship mentality through deep discussion and small groups.

Training our students, giving them a sense of purpose and direction, and helping them find themselves in Christ in order to be bold in the world.

Why Activate?

Because in many teens’ lives… God is not ACTIVE.

If you have questions and/or would like more information regarding Activate Student Ministries, current activities and sermon series, feel free to call 281.328.1310.