Our Mission

Our Purpose

We preach the love of Christ without diminishing the conviction of sin. Therefore, being salt and light to a lost world, we improve the quality of people’s lives by meeting their needs through Christ and assuring that they come to know Jesus in a personal, intimate way.

Our Goal

We disciple and mature believers to become valuable soul winners who are committed to unloading Hell and loading up Heaven.

We build people to become servants and workers in the multiple fields of ministry because we believe that every person can be doing something for the church. By the use of his or her gifts and talents, each individual will strengthen and bless the Body of Christ.

Our Fundamentals of Growth

We believe healthy growth must thrive at every level in the life of an individual. We should always be winning the lost - developing them from a state of nurturing to maturity. Our aim is to teach personal evangelism and corporate evangelism to all, in order to build well-established and well-rounded Christians who understand the fullness of the Word of God. By this growth process, we ensure that members of the body have deep, strong roots.